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About Us

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Pippa Gagie

Pippa has a tremendous wealth of experience helping people at all levels of life cope with and achieve more. From working with top-flight executives at such brands as EY, Deloitte, and PWC, right through to working with people in life-threatening crisis through her work with the counselling charity SHOUT. Her wide spectrum of experience means that she is ideally suited to translating the possibilities of EFT to your situation, whatever it may be.

She has an extensive range of qualifications and accreditations to her name, including Accredited Master Trainer (EFT), Accredited and Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, Certified NLP Trainer, is a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and TimeLine Therapy and is trained in a variety of therapies as well as having an ICF Accredited Degree from a well-respected coach university.

Her passion is to help people overcome their pain and current predicament and realise a life of happiness and opportunity and is a major driving force behind the innovations and client success stories at EFT Works.

Lucinda Peyton Jones

Lucinda also has extensive experience of working with many hundreds of people across the full spectrum of life and health, helping them cope with and conquer a variety of physical and emotional problems.

Her career started after using Reiki to heal herself from an illness and she became passionate about using it to help other people. Lucinda is an Accredited Master Trainer (EFT), Accredited and Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner and a Reiki Master and Teacher. She has a wide variety of private and corporate clients, as well as charitable groups, such as Healing Hands Network, who help returning veterans from war zones. Lucinda has been a volunteer healer in the Chemotherapy Unit at St Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight, Radiotherapy Unit at University College Hospital, London, and Royal Trinity Hospice, London.

Her breadth of experience, her passion for helping people and her knowledge of how to complement the powers of EFT with other techniques, such as Reiki, allow her to provide a truly holistic training service that is tailored for people’s specific needs and situations.